Business applications of Multi-Level Multi-Sig

Data management and security are critical issues for nearly every company today, and their importance is accelerating with no end in sight. How can a company make sure high value company and user accounts are protected from both external and internal misuse? How can they ensure that one security breach won’t compromise all their other data? How can they ensure that security features aren’t so inconvenient that users ignore them?

Symbol is primed to facilitate tokenization and STO issuance

Symbol is an easy to use blockchain platform that supports the administration and management of tokenized assets. Read more about the emergence of STOs, which resemble tokenized IPOs, and offer tokenized digital securities also known as security tokens.

IoDLT case study

Creating affordable IoT and blockchain solutions to connect the real and digital world.

Bimtrazer case study

Civil works and infrastructure management based on BIM (Building Information Management) through AI and Symbol blockchain.

Updated Symbol roadmap released

The NEM Group, in conjunction with the NEM Core Team and developers released a major update to the Symbol blockchain road map. It includes important details about the public chain protocol and second-layer tools such as SDKs and client apps.